The Haunted Dolls House

de Bill Bowler
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The Haunted Dolls House
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When Mr Dillet arrived home, Collins, the butler, came out to help him. Together they carried the doll's house up to Mr Dillet's bedroom and put it on his desk. Then Mr Dillet opened the front of it, and put everything in its place. It was a beautiful example of an 18th century doll's house - six feet wide with a chapel on the left, and a stable on the right. The chapel had a bell and colored glass windows. When the front of the house was open, you saw four large rooms inside: bedroom, kitchen, drawing room, and dining room, each with all the right furniture in it. The stable contained horses, a coach, and stable boys, and on top was the stable clock, also with a bell. The house stood on a platform which had steps going up to the front door, and a terrace on it. This platform also had a drawer in it, where you could keep different curtains and dolls' clothes, so you could change things when you wanted.

The Haunted Dolls House