The Experiment

de M. R. James
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The Experiment
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In the last days of December, Dr Hall, the village priest, was working in his study when his servant entered the room, in great alarm. 'Oh, Dr Hall, sir,' she cried. 'What do you think? The poor Squire's dead!' 'What? Squire Bowles? What are you saying, woman?' replied the priest. 'I saw him only yesterday-' 'Yes, sir, I know,' said the servant, 'but it's true. Mr Wickem, the clerk, has just brought the news on his way to ring the church bell. You'll hear it yourself in a moment. Listen! There it is.' And sure enough, the bell then began to ring, long and slow, telling the people of the village that someone had died. Dr Hall stood up. 'This is terrible,' he said. 'I must go up to the Hall at once. The Squire was so much better yesterday. It seems so sudden.' 'Yes, sir,' agreed the servant. 'Mr Wickem said that the poor Squire was taken ill very suddenly with a terrible pain. He died very quickly, and Wickem said they want him buried quickly too.' 'Yes, yes; well, I must ask Mrs Bowles herself or Mr Joseph,' said the priest. 'Bring me my coat and hat, please. Oh, and tell Mr Wickem that I would like to see him when he has finished ringing the bell.' And he hurried off to the Hall.

The Experiment