The Animal Kingdom

de Rachel Bladon
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The Animal Kingdom
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Invata engleza citind, nivelul recomandat B1 Pre-Intermediate.

The rainforest, on a hot afternoon. In the treetops, birds call to each other, and monkeys jump from branch to branch. The air is full of brightly coloured butterflies. On the rainforest floor, a snake watches a small frog, ready to catch it. And all around, hundreds of different kinds of insect are working quietly, building homes and finding food. These animals - each one so different - are all part of the animal kingdom, the most amazing group of living things in our world. There are millions of kinds of animal in the world, and they are different in many ways. Some animals are smaller than a millimetre, but the biggest animal in the world, the blue whale, can be 30 m long. Some animals live at the bottom of the sea; others live on the world's highest mountains. Some animals live for just a day, but others can live for more than two hundred years. Animals are made up of millions or billions of cells -tiny living things that are the smallest parts of any animal or plant. Animals are not the only living things in our world. There are other living things, for example plants, and they are made up of many cells, too. So what is different about animals? Animals are different from other living things because they can usually move around, and because they need to eat food. Plants make their own food, but animals have to find food. Then they can grow and breed. A few minutes have passed, and the snake in the rainforest has eaten the frog. But just a few hours earlier, that same frog was having its own meal: a tasty insect that it caught in the river. That insect had just eaten, too, from the leaves on one of the trees in the rainforest. So that food has gone from the insect to the frog and on to the snake. The way food goes like this from a plant to an animal, then to another, and another is called a 'food chain'. Some animals, like the frog and the snake, eat other animals. They are called carnivores. Many of them are predators - they have to catch other animals before they can eat them. Other animals, called herbivores, eat plants. There are also animals called omnivores which eat both animals and plants.

The Animal Kingdom