Regex Quick Syntax Reference

de Zsolt Nagy
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Regex Quick Syntax Reference
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still remember my doomed encounters with regular expressions back
when I tried to learn them. In fact, I took pride in not using regular
expressions. I always found a long workaround or a code snippet. I
projected and blamed my own lack of expertise on the hard readability of
regular expressions. This process continued until I was ready to face the
truth: regular expressions are powerful, and they can save you a lot of time
and headache.
Fast-forward a couple of years. People I worked with encountered the
same problems. Some knew regular expressions, and others hated them.
Among the haters of regular expressions, it was quite common that they
actually liked the syntax and grammar of their first programming language.
Some developers even took courses on formal languages. Therefore,
I made it my priority to show everyone a path toward their disowned
knowledge to master regular expressions.

Why Are Regular Expressions Important?

In today’s world, we have to deal with processing a lot of data. Accessing
data is not the main problem. Filtering data is. Regular expressions provide
you with one type of filter that you can use to extract relevant data from

Regex Quick Syntax Reference