One of the Missing

de Ambrose Bierce
Copertă One of the Missing
One of the Missing
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Invata engleza citind, nivelul recomandat B1+ Intermediate.


Searing was a brave man. He worked alone and he did his work well. He had sharp eyes and ears. He could see far into the distance. And he often heard sounds that other people could not hear. Now he moved silently through the forest toward the enemy regiment. In his hands, he carried a powerful rifle. Searing could shoot extremely well. When Searing reached the edge of the forest, he stopped. He got down on his hands and knees and crawled forward slowly. He was looking for the enemy's picket line. Pickets guarded the men of their regiment. They dug holes-rifle-pitsin the ground around the edge of their camp. The pickets sat in the rifle-pits and aimed their guns at the enemy. Usually, there were three or four men together in each rifle-pit. The pickets took turns to sleep. While one man watched, the other men slept. Scaring was looking for small mounds of earth on the ground. The mounds would show Searing where the Confederates had dug their riflepits. The mounds would also show him where the enemy had positioned its picket line.

One of the Missing