JavaScript: The Good Parts

de Douglas Crockford
Copertă JavaScript: The Good Parts
JavaScript: The Good Parts
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This is a book about the JavaScript programming language. It is intended for programmers who, by happenstance or curiosity, are venturing into JavaScript for the first time. It is also intended for programmers who have been working with JavaScript at a novice level and are now ready for a more sophisticated relationship with the language. JavaScript is a surprisingly powerful language. Its unconventionality presents some challenges, but being a small language, it is easily mastered. My goal here is to help youto learn to think in JavaScript. I will show youthe components of the language and start you on the process of discovering the ways those components can be put together. This is not a reference book. It is not exhaustive about the language and its quirks. It doesn’t contain everything you’ll ever need to know. That stuff you can easily find online. Instead, this book just contains the things that are really important.

JavaScript: The Good Parts