JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms

de Sammie Bae
Copertă JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms
JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms
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The motivation for writing this book was the lack of resources available about data structures and algorithms written in JavaScript. This was strange to me because today many of the job opportunities for software development require knowledge of JavaScript; it is the only language that can be used to write the entire stack, including the front-end, mobile (native and hybrid) platforms, and back-end. It is crucial for JavaScript developers to understand how data structures work and how to design algorithms to build applications. Therefore, this book aims to teach data structure and algorithm concepts from computer science for JavaScript rather than for the more typical Java or C++. Because JavaScript follows the prototypal inheritance pattern, unlike Java and C++ (which follow the inheritance pattern), there are some changes in writing data structures in JavaScript. The classical inheritance pattern allows inheritance by creating a blueprint-like form that objects follow during inheritance. However, the prototypal inheritance pattern means copying the objects and changing their properties. This book first covers fundamental mathematics for Big-O analysis and then lays out the basic JavaScript foundations, such as primitive objects and types. Then, this book covers implementations and algorithms for fundamental data structures such as linked lists, stacks, trees, heaps, and graphs. Finally, more advanced topics such as efficient string search algorithms, caching algorithms, and dynamic programming problems are explored in great detail.

JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms