HTML5 and JavaScript Projects, 2nd Edition

de Jeanine Meyer
Copertă HTML5 and JavaScript Projects, 2nd Edition
HTML5 and JavaScript Projects, 2nd Edition
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This book continues my exploration of HTML5. My approach in developing the projects
was to combine features such as canvas and video, attempt more intricate drawing by
using mathematics, and use standard programming techniques such as object-oriented
programming and separation of content and logic. I was also interested in building
applications combining HTML5 and JavaScript with other technologies, including
Google Maps.
Each chapter in the book is focused on an application or set of related applications.
This is because my experience as a teacher and a learner has shown that concepts
and mechanics are best understood in the context of actual use. The applications start
off with drawing the HTML5 official logo. As you will find out in Chapter 1, the way I
developed this application prompted use of coordinate transformations.
The project in Chapter 2, involving a family collage, was inspired by my growing
family and the desire to teach about object-oriented programming. It is a good
application for you to use as a foundation to create your own, with your own photos
and objects of your own invention. Chapter 3, which shows how to create a bouncing
video, was built on other two-dimensional applications I have created, and features two
different ways to combine canvas and video.
Chapters 4 and 5 demonstrate use of the Google Maps API (Application
Programming Interface), a powerful facility that allows you to incorporate access
to Google Maps as part of your own projects. Chapter 4 presents a user interface
combining map and canvas and includes a custom-designed cursor and the use of alpha
(transparency) in drawing paths. The map quiz in Chapter 5 demonstrates the use of
mapping as a portal to media. The application shows you how to separate content and
logic so you can scale up to various applications (e.g., a tour of a region or a geography
quiz with many locations).
Chapter 6 features a game called Add to 15, which turned out to be an excellent
example of arrays. It also demonstrated the necessity to prepare for bad behavior on the
part of players.

HTML5 and JavaScript Projects, 2nd Edition