Fashion and Lies

de Marisa Marmo
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Fashion and Lies
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Monday 1st March All women found Cristian La Roque incredibly handsome. He had beautiful dark hair and eyes as blue as the sea. He was tall, slim and always elegantly dressed. His mother had given him a passion for clothes and at sixteen, he decided to become a fashion designer. He was now twenty-nine and good at his job. But he was ambitious and he wanted to be the best. At 9.15 he walked into the offices of his latest employer, Folly Fashions. Norma Folly was the owner of Folly Fashions, the fashion house she had set up thirty years ago. She was fifty-two years old but looked younger. She had blonde hair, wore lots of make-up and liked to wear the latest fashions. Her dream was to have the most successful fashion house in Britain. She wanted everyone to know the name Folly Fashions. Norma was not a happy woman. She was reading the front page of the newspaper Business World. The more she read, the angrier she became. She heard voices coming from reception. She got up, opened the door and saw her new designer laughing and joking with the secretary. "Good morning, Cristian. I see that, as usual, you are working hard. In my office - NOW!" Cristian winked at the secretary, followed Norma into the office and sat down. Norma stood behind her desk. "I don't pay you to talk to women all day. While you're chatting, I'm worrying. I employed you to prepare our autumn-winter collection for the next fashion show but I'm beginning to regret it. The show is on 19th March so you've got less than three weeks to produce all the designs." She glared at Cristian and waited for an answer. "Don't worry, Norma. Everything is under control

Fashion and Lies