de Brennan Frank
Copertă Brains
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Invata engleza citind, nivelul recomandat A2 Elementary. 

 The small monkey carefully completed the last piece of the one-hundred-piece puzzle. When all the pieces of the puzzle were put together, they made a copy of Sunflowers, a picture by the famous painter, Van Gogh. 'Well done, Max!' said a young woman in a white coat. 'It only took you twenty minutes this time - that's much better than the last time you tried it. Have a bite of lovely banana.' The woman reached for the fruit from a bowl close by and gave it to the monkey. Max ate it happily. The woman's name was Gina Capaldi and she was twenty-six years old. She was studying for a Ph.D. at a university in Rome. She was hoping to become a Doctor of Science. Her ideas had already caused much excitement. Now her work was almost finished. Great things were expected of her. As Gina prepared the monkey's next drug, Max played with his Rubik cube. The Rubik cube was one of Max's favourite puzzles. He enjoyed turning around the sides of the cube in his hands so that each of the six sides was a different colour. Gina looked over at him and was pleased. He was getting better every day. Max completed the Rubik cube in five minutes. Mr Dimitri sat behind a big desk in a large office in a huge building in New York. On the front of his desk was a sign in gold letters which read: Mr Theodore Dimitri. On his door there was a much bigger sign which read: President of the Centre for Science and Business Development (CSBD). Mr Dimitri was middle-aged and wore a large dark-grey suit. He smoked a thick expensive cigar. The smoke from his cigar filled the room.