Beginning CouchDB

de Joe Lennon
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Beginning CouchDB
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Apache CouchDB is an exciting database management system that is growing in popularity each day.
This book introduces you to CouchDB, guiding you through its relatively short history and what makes it
different from the other database systems out there. It offers simple, unassuming steps on getting
CouchDB up and running on your computer that’s running Linux or Mac OS X. It guides you through the
process of creating a database and working with data; covers more complex topics such as views and
map/reduce; and explores advanced database concepts such as replication, compaction, and
deployment. It also shows you how to develop applications that are housed entirely in the database
itself, in addition to using Python, Django, and Ruby to interact with CouchDB from a traditional serverside

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for anyone with an interest in CouchDB, document-oriented databases, or database
development in general. It does not assume any knowledge in relation to CouchDB, although some
experience with UNIX commands and basic JavaScript skills are beneficial.

Beginning CouchDB